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Assignment 2: Assessment Final Comments

Submission is by five physical prints.

In response to my tutor feedback I took the opportunity to re-shoot the first image at a real gathering that the shamanic practitioner attended over the summer.  After his ceremonial work was complete, I posed him as in the original shot but positioned people attending the event in the background.  This gave a sense of him being ready to ‘perform’ to the crowd as discussed in the tutor feedback.  Both images are shown here for comparison:

The five final images were then checked for matching colour balance and exposure before printing on Permajet Matt 240 paper.

Personal notes taken during tutor feedback session

OCA_IandP_Tutor Feedback on Assignment 2General

  • Overall – ‘80% there’, which is good and allows for some polishing in order to be ready for Assessment.
  • Add a menu item to show how things cross reference and inspire my developing practice.
  • Use a paper journal to develop thoughts and ideas organically.  photo the page and add to blog – no need to duplicate.
  • More pictures in blog
  • Critically review my work as though i was not familiar with it – it it clear, concise and unambiguous?


  • Try reshooting 1. with a real background of a real gathering?  White background a little lost against blog background.
  • Play with the order – mask as first shot?
  • 100 word intro and more consistent, short, titles.  Give space for interpretation of the images.
  • play with arranging small physical proofs to find the right order


  • Gillian Wearing – Masks, NPG (booked for 22 March)
  • Eggleston – recent exhibition.  Look at how he physically works to decide order and layout of presentation.

(Raw notes retained for archival purposes):

My Tutor’s feedback report can be found here.