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Assignment 5: Assessment Notes

This submission consists of six A4 prints.

The original Assignment consisted of seven, but Elaine was removed following a discussion with my tutor.  While the other images show people with their full attention directed upon their chosen spiritual activity and space, this image contained a different gaze, that of looking directly at the camera and so broke the continuity of the work.  Other images on the contact sheet were assessed but found not to be suitable and the submission presented for Assessment is stronger as a set of six images.



Catcalling: Photography and society

This post, while not specifically related to the course content, felt worthy of saving and reflection.

Noa Jansma from Amsterdam was fed up of receiving unwelcome catcalls as she walked down the street. So she started publishing selfies of herself including the person who had done the catcalling.  The image title was the words they had said to her.

This shows how photography can be a helpful tool in reconciling and healing.  Also, it can become a powerful, unforgiving mirror held up to society, showing it what it really looks like.  The words seem colder and more sinister in print, accompanied by a picture of the person that said thrm.  There are some similarites here to ‘Take care of yourself’ by Sophie Calle who ‘turns things that annoy or hurt her into a game’.