Summary – I&P Part 1

Part 1 offered an inspiring and engaging start to I&P, if the thought of Assignment 1 at the end of it left me slightly cold.

It especially moved me in my outlook towards typologies, shifting my perception from them strange collections by eccentrics such as the Bechers and Huebler to appreciating the power of combining related things to make a new point entirely.

It was also the first time I’d explored the work of Cindy Sherman in detail.  This coincided with a visit to the Tate Liverpool where I was able to view some of her work in a gallery.

Historical portraiture also brought new insights that I’d never considered previously.  While writers such as Wells and Warner provided insights into the early motives towards portraiture, it was fascinating to contrast this with more contemporary approaches – especially Max Koslov’ ‘Theatre of the Face’ and Angier’s ‘Train your Gaze’, both of which have been constant sources of inspiration throughout I&P.


Angier, R. (2015) Train your gaze: A practical and theoretical introduction to portrait photography. 2nd edn. Fairchild Books & Visuals.

Kozloff, M. (2007) The theatre of the face: Portrait photography since 1900. Phaidon Press.

Warner Marien, M. (2014) Photography: A cultural history. 4th edn. Laurence King Publishing.

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