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Assignment 3: Assessment Notes

This submission consists of eleven A4 prints.

The filmstrips below are intended to help the Assessor to see what changes have been made to the original set of images in response to feedback from my tutor (see previous post).  A larger version of this is also included on the Assessment Google Drive here.

IandP_Assignment 3 Filmstrip

This Assignment has been particularly insightful to understand the impact that individual images, and their position within a set, can have on an overall work.  Having decided on the final selection and order using draft 5×4 prints, the final submission was then printed on A4 paper.

Assignment 3 Tutor Feedback

• Good feedback on the subject matter, offers an interesting insight into an alternative culture.  Raises personal questions about grief and loss.  The ‘celebration of a life’ angle comes through in the images.

Boy with the flower: would have been good to have had the option of the flower in focus and boy soft. Learning: take more shots and options to choose from later on.


Learning: include the assignment brief at the top of the blog post to help the tutor or assessor.

• Good sequencing of the images.

• While the first image gives context, it’s not the strongest.  To be effective it needs to be displayed large.  Consider: removing it.


Consider: include the image of the altar, the one with the two photographs of the deceased.  Maybe this as the first image?



Image 4 – the lady playing the musical instrument (shruti).  To the uneducated it looks like she’s holding a box to hard to contextualise. Consider: removal.


Consider: adding the photo of the back of three people, arms on shoulders. Poingant and interesting angle on the idea of support and comfort


Consider: inclusion of first image (blue table).  Has a theatricality to it. Tissues are a useful signifier.  However the shadow detail of the dark Ganesh statue is lost – recoverable in post processing? Perhaps between images 10 and 11.


Consider: shot of balloons from below is striking but not helpful to the set.  Perhaps more of a stock image?  Suggest removal and replace with the people holding balloons (the one with the Shruti-playing lady).  Also remove balloons in the air – we can work out what is happening so don’t need to see it and never the best shots.


6. 1/30th at f/7.1. ISO500 35mm



Noted: blue theme and flowers running through the set, good for tying it together and continuity.

Noted: learning log now improved due to additional menus and allowing ideas to develop within it, less linear (additional idea after tutor discussion- may consider converting to WordPress Tags rather than Categories to aid linking and cross referencing of ideas even further).

Noted: finding it helpful to use a paper notebook then transpose best ideas into learning blog.

For Assessment: present ‘before’ and ‘after’ thumbnail sequences so the assessor can clearly see what has changed.

We ran out of time at this point so the next session to focus on the wider use of the learning blog and exercises, not just Assignment specifics.

My Tutor’s feedback report can be found here.