Summary – Part 2

Part 2 took me deeper into portraiture and I found it to be quite challenging at times to simply do the Exercises.  Constrained by working full time and a fear of approaching strangers (made easier after Assignment 1) my progress slowed.

There was even a low spot where I questioned by ability to succeed with this type of portraiture.


With hindsight I can see however that this was a pivotal point in my development.  Until this point I’d been clinging on to the comfort blanket of being able to photograph people ‘professionally’ as a wedding photographer.  My ego was saying ‘I can do this, people pay me money!’ So it felt less of a personal failing not to be able to do this type of contemporary art portraiture.  Once I broke this down and accepted that I had to ‘learn a new way’, I started to build confidence and make progress.

Later in the course I learn new ways to do this – particularly around being clear on having my artistic aims in mind when first approaching people.

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