Assignment 1 – Assessment and changes in response to tutor feedback

For assessment the images were printed out A4 matte with a border, noting the OCA submission guidelines. Paper is Permajet Matt Plus 240, using a calibrated printer ICC profile for consistency.

The images were assessed for uniform exposure, a couple of them being reduced by 1/3rd of a stop as required.

Finally, all were printed under uniform lighting together as a completed set.

Tutor’s comments were noted around the inclusion of ‘John and Unknown’.  Although I agree that it does break the cohesiveness of the set, it does reveal something about the nature of this couple.  I decided to retain this in order to ensure I kept to the brief’s requirement for five images in the submission.  I considered reshooting another image, but Assignment 1 does not count towards final mark at Assessment and so the time would be better invested in future assignments.


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