Assignment 4: Developing the idea

Project 3 of Part 4 introduces the concept of Open Narratives (in preference to closed narratives, as often used in movies to make the plot ‘self contained’ within the movie itself). Like a soap opera this approach works well for photograpy wher it allows room for the viewer space to create their own conclusions and outcomes.

A second key idea is that of using text in a semi fictional way, working in partnership with the visual image to invoke a deeper, more serious message.

I’ve been drawn quite heavily in recent weeks to rediscover the landscape I walked and played as a young boy, with now lost family members and old friends. An inspiration for this has been the books of Robert Macfarlane, especially The Old Ways and the writings and poetry of Edward Thomas (The Road Less Travelled). I also have discovered an old diary from when I was a young boy.  This approach gives me the freedom to make the diary excerpts semi-fictional to work in partnership with the images to raise questions about our relationship with the landscape that forms our character.

Comfortable in the environment


We live in this landscape and constantly make choices that determine how our future lives turn out.  Like Thomas’ poem, we never know how our lives would have turned out should we have taken the other path.  At the time the decision may have seemed trivial and of no consequence.  It may have felt dramatic.  We will never really know which is true.

I’m inspired to explore this question further using photographs that suggest choices and decisions from the landscape of my youth while inspiring the viewer to reflect on how this might be a factor in their own lives.

By re-walking these paths I, in a sense, have an opportunity to explore ‘the road less travelled’.


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