A response to Mother River by Yan Wang Preston

Inspired by this exhibition at Bradford, i decided to apply a similar methodology to a local walk, taking a photograph at precise intervals of every 1/4 of a mile.

I chose a square format to provide an ‘Instagram’ aesthetic, suggesting snaps taken at intervals along the way.

Key things i learned:

  1. The picturesque wooded areas felt like a significant part of the walk.  The photographs suggest otherwise (the woods only feature in a couple)! Im reminded once again how our selectivity in choosing photpgraphic subjects so often distorts reality. Arguably this is a much more authentic portrayal of the walk.
  2. How much we miss in our everyday lives! There is always something of interest if we care to stop and look.
  3. Im unhappy with the ending, the water.  Does not bring the set to a logical comclusion.  Perhaps a closeup of removed boots or a pot of tea in a cafe would have neen better.

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