Assignment 3 initial ideas

After exploring the theme of ‘Mirror’ i decided that i wanted to take a more outward-looking approach to assignment 3 and so chose to explore the option of ‘Window’ instead.  Two ideas were shortlisted, neither of which have been fully ruled out yet:

1. Morris Dancers.  I have found that a morris dancing group are coming to a friend’s birthday celebrations in a month’s time.  This presents an opportunity to get closer to the group, find out about them and reflect their ethos through a series of images.  The group would appear to offer a unique mix of heritage and quirkyiness.  What makes them tick? Is it really about bells, cloudy beer and waving handkerchiefs?

2. The sole trader. I know of someone who has just taken a brave step of leaving employment for a large aerospace company and set up his own brewery.  After 20 plus years, he is suddenly standing on his own trying to run a business, selling beers to his local community through pubs and farmer’s markets. I wanted to gain an insight into his world – which feels a very brave and somewhat scary thing to do.  Having worked for a large company all my life this is a step ive often dreamed of but dared not take, so it would be interesting to explore further.

I also found some unexpected direction to how to approach Assignment 3 from the following BJP article:

The article explores what the judges are looking for in a breakthrough project from an up and coming artist.  The same philosophy could be said to apply to an assignment.  I noted the emphasis on being able to tell a unique story in a fresh and engaging way.

This set me off thinking about how i could develop my chosen idea of the farmer’s market brewer.  How do i make him appear brave in his solo endeavour? The contrast in his previous and new life? His enthusiasm, sense of going it alone and taking destiny into his own hands?  Is he fearful of rejection? Is it lonely…or motivating and exciting?

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