Exercise 3.1

For this exercise I selected ten photographs taken this calendar year for social purposes, not associated with my work on Identity and Place.  They were selected for no other reason than I like them  (personal or aesthetic) without any initial regard to whether they might be viewed as either a mirror or a window.

I then went throught the selection and categorised them as follows:

Curiously, the mirrors are fewer in number, suggesting that maybe I try to take the photos people would like me to take or see into situations rather than reflecting the images that I want to take for me (see previous post).  The only unambiguous ‘Mirror’ is the nighttime shot of the Wellcome building near Euston Station in London.  I’ve always been attracted to the bold primary colours of night photography, traffic trails and so on.

A few are hard to categorise and perhaps fit into both categories.  Maybe these have more of a narrative to them and hold for interest for the viewer – for example Rob staring into the train window, reflected back.

The off cammera gaze of Wassail and others make it hard to categorise these as Mirrors in any sense.  This is because there’s no direct connnection – no eye contact – linking viewer/photographer and subject.

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